We care for your eyes


We were founded in Feb 2022, incubated by both the Future Box of Technical University of Denmark, and OUI, the University of Oxford. The Danish Patent and Trade Office approved our patent utility model in 2022.

Currently we are developing prototypes, working on global patent, planning validation and certification, and building strategic partnership. We shall introduce our AI solution and medical devices in selected countries, then scale up globally.

We are looking for talents, partners and investors with a passion in ophthalmology and optometry to join our exciting journey.


Advisory Board

JB - Medical Doctor, eye clinics, Amsterdam University Medical Centre, the Netherlands

WX - PhD, Specialist in biometric sensing and machine learning, Denmark

GG - Partner, University of Oxford, the UK

HGL - MD, PhD, glaucoma specialist at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

KV - PhD, innovation in Ophthalmic imaging & AI, the Netherlands

J&P - PhD, healthcare research, Denmark