We care about your eyes


Nearly 1/5 population will lose vision within 30 years.

Vision-threatening diseases are growing but highly under-detected.

Lack of capacity and bottleneck due to errors have led to sub-optimal clinical outcome, added workload and limited patient turnover.

We help more people seeing longer.

We apply AI and Machine Learning technologies to improve patient experiences, clinical reliability and hospital eyecare efficiency. 

Freyja, eye patient: ¨I experience some problems with my vision. My optician told me to see an eye doctor. One year waiting. I am still waiting and do not know if i have a problem¨

Søren, eye patient: ¨The test requires a lot of concentration, is very tiring and took 20 minutes because my eye is bad. Got a test that was very bad, after 3 months it was fine again. This caused unnecessary worry.¨

Joline, medical doctor: ¨The existing test setup depends on patients’ immediate responses. Re-testing happens too often... waste of time and lack of efficiency.¨

Annette, Optometrist: ¨Time is money. And equipment is very expensive. If your solution can save us time and investments it would be wonderful.¨